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Fantasy Football Market
Fantasy Football Market
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The Market is
for the 2014 season

The market is closed for the 2014. Create a profile to get ready for 2015!

Total Combined Value of all Portfolios: ₣$
Open Buy Orders =
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Total Value of all open orders: ₣$ 0
Top 10 Projected Values - PreSeason 2014
Name Symbol Projected Value Current Value Performance
Peyton ManningPEMAD₣$27.49₣$24.42-11.17%
Drew BreesDRBRN₣$24.58₣$23.44-4.64%
Nick FolesNIFOP₣$23.57₣$9.46-59.86%
Aaron RodgersAAROG₣$23.27₣$27.01+16.07%
Andrew LuckANLUI₣$22.94₣$27.73+20.88%
Matthew StaffordMASTD₣$22.27₣$18.72-15.94%
Colin KaepernickCOKAS₣$22.13₣$18.67-15.63%
Tom BradyTOBRN₣$21.52₣$21.88+1.67%
Russell WilsonRUWIS₣$21.38₣$22.98+7.48%
Cam NewtonCANEC₣$21.34₣$18.31-14.20%
Top Movers up YTD (Min ₣$1.00 Preseason Value)
Name Symbol Preseason Value Current Value Value Change Net Gain
Brian HoyerBRHOC₣$1.45₣$11.43+9.98+688.28%
Justin ForsettJUFOB₣$1.74₣$12.56+10.82+621.84%
Derek CarrDECAO₣$2.20₣$15.12+12.92+587.27%
Andre WilliamsANWIN₣$1.40₣$7.94+6.54+467.14%
Isaiah CrowellISCRC₣$1.59₣$7.34+5.75+361.64%
Tre MasonTRMAS₣$2.02₣$7.58+5.56+275.25%
Donte MoncriefDOMOI₣$1.09₣$4.01+2.92+267.89%
Bobby RaineyBORAT₣$1.49₣$5.26+3.77+253.02%
Lorenzo TaliaferroLOTAB₣$1.18₣$4.04+2.86+242.37%
Matt AsiataMAASM₣$2.86₣$9.26+6.40+223.78%
Top Movers down YTD (Min ₣$1.00 Preseason Value)
Name Symbol Preseason Value Current Value Value Change Net Loss
Maurice Jones-DrewMAJOO₣$10.83₣$1.04-9.79-90.40%
Montee BallMOBAD₣$13.16₣$1.84-11.32-86.02%
DeAngelo WilliamsDEWIC₣$8.61₣$1.64-6.97-80.95%
Ladarius GreenLAGRS₣$6.53₣$1.41-5.12-78.41%
Chris GivensCHGIS₣$6.40₣$1.39-5.01-78.28%
Danny AmendolaDAAMN₣$7.26₣$1.62-5.64-77.69%
Victor CruzVICRN₣$11.02₣$2.48-8.54-77.50%
Donnie AveryDOAVK₣$4.88₣$1.10-3.78-77.46%
Mike TolbertMITOC₣$4.63₣$1.07-3.56-76.89%
Chad HenneCHHEJ₣$10.28₣$2.39-7.89-76.75%
Top Movers up - Week 17
Name Symbol Previous Value Current Value Value Change Net Gain
Jack DoyleJADOI₣$1.05₣$1.49+0.44+41.90%
Jordan TodmanJOTOJ₣$2.31₣$3.15+0.84+36.36%
Charles SimsCHSIT₣$2.00₣$2.72+0.72+36.00%
Jonathan GrimesJOGRH₣$1.14₣$1.49+0.35+30.70%
Joseph RandleJORAD₣$2.76₣$3.41+0.65+23.55%
Chris PolkCHPOP₣$2.20₣$2.67+0.47+21.36%
Michael FloydMIFLA₣$6.20₣$7.52+1.32+21.29%
Robert GriffinROGRW₣$5.33₣$6.46+1.13+21.20%
Eric DeckerERDEN₣$6.54₣$7.89+1.35+20.64%
Jeff CumberlandJECUN₣$2.29₣$2.67+0.38+16.59%
Top Movers down - Week 17 (₣$ 1.00 Min Value)
Name Symbol Previous Value Current Value Value Change Net Loss
Austin PettisAUPES₣$1.19₣$1.11-0.08-6.72%
Mike WilliamsMIWIB₣$1.35₣$1.26-0.09-6.67%
Peyton HillisPEHIN₣$1.35₣$1.26-0.09-6.67%
Storm JohnsonSTJOJ₣$1.35₣$1.26-0.09-6.67%
Greg SalasGRSAN₣$1.65₣$1.54-0.11-6.67%
Ladarius GreenLAGRS₣$1.51₣$1.41-0.10-6.62%
Dexter McClusterDEMCT₣$2.59₣$2.42-0.17-6.56%
Jacob TammeJATAD₣$1.53₣$1.43-0.10-6.54%
Clay HarborCLHAJ₣$2.33₣$2.18-0.15-6.44%
Jaron BrownJABRA₣$2.33₣$2.18-0.15-6.44%
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